Burlap Slipcovers Made From Coffee Bean Bags

Coffee Bean Jute Bag SlipcoversI made this pair of burlap ottoman slipcovers from coffee bean bags. Love the graphics!  My resourceful customer, Susann, reclaimed 5 bags from her local coffee joint — just enough fabric to cover her two 15″ cubes.

Sewing with burlap is not for the faint of heart. It sheds and frays faster than you can blink! To tame the beast, I lined each panel to give the fabric structure and bound the seam edges.

6 thoughts on “Burlap Slipcovers Made From Coffee Bean Bags

  1. slipcovermaker Post author

    Hi Ellen!

    I have not ordered from Big Duck Canvas. However, I have worked with 7 oz duck/canvas from other suppliers and discovered most of the time that weight is too light and limp for the type of durable, washable slipcovers I make.

    Having said that, I think it could work well for a super casual, shabby-chic style slipcover for seasonal use. Expect a lot of wrinkles! Also, I would check out the density of the weave to make sure it’s tight enough to give you good coverage especially if you’re slipcovering a piece that is a medium to dark color.

    I hope this helps! Have fun making the sofa slipcover 🙂


  2. susannely

    Hi Karen,
    I’ve received rave reviews from the burlap bag slipcovers you made for me. Initially, I wasn’t sure how comfortable the burlap would be to sit on, but they are surprisingly soft and not prickly. I like the way you arranged the bag graphics and how each side ended up having its own look. Thanks again!

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