Best Fabric Weight for Your Slipcover

Slipcover Fabric Weight

Chances are fabric weight is not something you first think about when you shop for slipcover fabric.  After all, it’s much more exciting to focus on choosing the perfect color and using your 50% off coupon!

But here’s the thing about fabric weight — it dictates the look, feel and function of your slipcover.  Match the weight to your slipcover’s end use and you will love the results.

You really don’t need to know the actual weight of a fabric to make a smart choice.  The bottom line is this:  if the fabric feels substantial, offers good coverage, washes well and is durable enough to hold up to daily wear you have found the right weight for your washable slipcover.


5 thoughts on “Best Fabric Weight for Your Slipcover

  1. M M

    Love you site!!

    Do you have a consideration on double rub rates? Martindale and/or Wyzenbeek? Do you happen to know if those are higher or lower on washable fabrics, how to take that into account?

  2. slipcovermaker

    No, I don’t. I work mostly with multi-purpose natural fabrics that are not rated. Upholsterers and/or interior designers who work with high end interior fabrics and commercial textiles might be able to answer that questions. I evaluate fabric durability (wear) by knowing weave construction and fiber content performance.

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