Meet My Slipcover Soulmate

Navy Natural Ticking Slipcover

There is one type of slipcover I’m drawn to more than any other custom cover. It’s made from fabric that makes me feel happy and at home every time I walk into the room. And, it continues to be my true-blue favorite year after year no matter the trends.

Meet my slipcover soulmate: a comfy rolled arm chair (or chaise) covered in washed, cotton ticking. The look is classic, timeless, Americana and Euro chic all in one.

I never grow tired of this dependable, versatile stripe. Ticking is always relevant when you need a stand alone fabric design in the room or an additional layer of subtle pattern. It’s an easy going, friendly mixer I like having around.

Wash Cotton Ticking Slipcover

For this project, I updated Malorie & Mike’s pair of Wesley Hall faded velveteen chairs and  ottoman using Covington Woven Ticking in color navy and natural.

At first I was reluctant to use this medium weight ticking to cover plush upholstery. It’s not the heavy weight I prefer. I’m still on the search for that. But it worked surprisingly well for a washable slipcover because it has 4 things going for it:

  1. The stripe pattern is woven in the cloth (not printed on the surface).
  2. The fabric is a strong twill weave (not a loose canvas weave).
  3. The weave is dense and tightly constructed.
  4.  It’s a 100% cotton and, yes, it’s washable.

Navy Natural Ticking Custom Slipcover

Now that I’ve introduced you to my slipcover soulmate, what’s yours? For more ticking  inspiration check out my Stripe Slipcovers page on Pinterest.


2 thoughts on “Meet My Slipcover Soulmate

  1. windmillfarm

    Absolutely perfect!!! Love it, love the clean lines at the hem with that piping, the fit-you are the best seamstress-upholstery extrodinaire!!!

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