Slipcover Makeover in Cotton-Poly Canvas & Vintage Floral

Canvas Slipcover for Lee Industries Sofa

Stay focused and keep moving. That’s what I kept saying to myself as I was pin fitting Mary’s lovely sofa in my old, dirty, and dimly lit garage while bugs buzzed around my head and the resident chipmunk darted in and out.

I NEVER pin fit in my garage. But when COVID-19 arrived and delayed my customer’s project weeks on end it was my only option. I had to get Mary’s job done without going into her home. 

Ah, yes, my glamorous life as a slipcover maker. Haha!

Anyway, the project was a success. No dirty hand prints or droppings of any kind on the new slipcover — whew! Here are the pretty results. Cotton Poly Canvas Pinecone The Slipcover Maker

This slipcover makeover was for a Lee Industries sofa.  I used my favorite washable cotton-poly canvas in this grayish brown color (above). 

What instantly sets this canvas blend apart from 100% cotton canvas is the subtle two-tone color effect.  The polyester fiber takes the dye differently than the cotton. As a result, the tonal color mimics the appearance of a tiny texture. 

Brown Cotton Poly Canvas Sofa Slipcover

Mary wanted a tailored look for her new slipcover. So, I added welt cord to the body and cushions, created an upholstered-like fit and Velcro’d the hem to the sofa bottom. 

Ottoman Before Slipcover

She also had me slipcover an ottoman. She wanted to use the same cotton-poly canvas as her sofa and combine it with this gorgeous floral bark cloth. 

Long ago Mary had a sofa covered in this pattern. When she got rid of it she held onto the cushion covers hoping one day she could repurpose the fabric. I deconstructed them and had enough to cover the ottoman top and boxing. 

Tip: When combining two different types of fabrics make sure they are the same, or similar, weight and have the same shrinkage rate. 

Barkcloth and Canvas Ottoman Slipcover

I had some floral scrap leftover to make a couple of lumbar pillow covers (below).

The little geometric pattern you see was the boxing fabric from her original cushion covers. I cut narrow strips to border the floral just on the front.

FYI — you can find inexpensive feather pillow inserts at Ikea. Featured here is the FJADRAR size 16 x 26 .

Floral Throw Pillow Cover

Once Mary got every thing home, she sent me this photo (below). I always enjoy seeing how she decorates her space with slipcovers. I love her eclectic style. Very pretty! 

Cottage Style Sofa and Ottoman Slipcovers

Her new slips will look fantastic with this pair of English rolled arm covers I made for her awhile back in Richloom Fritz Stripe color Persimmon. 

Fritz Cotton Linen Custom Slipcover

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