My Favorite Hemp Fabrics for Slipcovers

Favorite Hemp Slipcover Fabrics

If you love linen you will love the look & feel of hemp for slipcovers.  Durable, washable and long wearing.  Beautifully rustic. Here are some of my favorite natural hemp fabrics:

Hemp canvas 11 oz. color natural  This is a strong, tightly woven canvas in 100% hemp with the look and feel of slubby linen. I love its rustic beauty and un-dyed creamy white color. After washed, this fabric takes on a wonderful floppy drape and allover softly crumpled appearance, no hard wrinkles like cotton canvas. Very good coverage over light to medium colors. Shrinkage: 3 to 4″ on a one yard length and 2 to 3″ on the width.

Hemp plain weave 11 oz color natural taupe  This hemp fabric is perfect in every way for a washable, long wearing slipcover. Woven tightly with fine yarns, which creates a flat surface and supple drape. It’s less grainy than the heavier, rustic hemp fabrics. I LOVE the natural taupe color — it’s just the right shade of oatmeal. Shrinkage: 3 to 4″ on a one yard length and 2 to 3″ on the width.

Hemp twill 12 oz color natural  A denim-like fabric in 100% hemp that feels supple, floppy and soft like washed linen. Gorgeous!! The twill weave and slubby texture gives this fabric so much character. You will love the undyed creamy white color. Good coverage, however, high contrast upholstery fabric might show through.  Shrinkage: 3 to 4″ on a one yard length and 2 to 3″ on the width.

Rustic hemp canvas 15 oz (very heavyweight) color Taupe  This heavy weight hemp canvas is a classic — rustic, grainy, undyed and super strong. It’s sturdy yet supple, which is ideal for simple slipcover styles like a casual boxy chair and ottoman, a big floor pillow, seat cushion covers, etc. I’m certain this cloth will wear well for a very long time and get softer and more beautiful. It’s thicker than the other hemp fabrics listed above so buy a yard, preshrink it and do a sew test on your home machine to make sure it can handle layers before you commit to yardage. High shrinkage: 5″ on a one yard length and up to 3″ on the width.

Be sure to hot wash and dry your hemp yardage before making your slipcover. A pre-wash not only works out the shrinkage but also softens the fabric and gives it a lovely, relaxed crumpled look.


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