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The Slipcover Maker’s Guide to Detaching Back Cushions

Slipcover over attached pillow back cushions on a chair or sofa and you’ll likely end up with a sloppy fit.

The fabric never stays put. It shifts and poofs out around the cushion every time you sit down. Straightening and tucking the slipcover becomes a daily thing.

I rarely pin fit a piece with attached cushions. Too much work, poor results. Instead, I detach the cushions (when possible) and cover each one individually. Here’s how I do it: Continue reading

How-To Preshrink Slipcover Fabric

Slipcover Fabric Preshrink Tips

Imagine making a slipcover (or having one custom made) and then the first time you wash it  you can’t get it on your furniture because it shrunk. WHAT!!?

Yep, it’s a common scenario. And, once your slipcover shrinks there’s nothing you can do to restore the original fit. That’s why if you want a washable slipcover that will maintain its fit,  you must preshrink your slipcover yardage before you start your project.

Even fabrics labeled “laundered” or “preshrunk” will shrink. It’s misleading, I know. Those labels only mean the yardage has undergone a finishing treatment that softened the hand-feel and drape. During that process, a tiny bit of shrinkage is removed but not enough to keep your slipcover from shrinking up so much you can’t use it.

To minimize shrinkage in 100% natural fiber fabrics and blends I recommend preshrinking your yardage by washing and drying it on hot.  Read on to find out how I do it.  Continue reading

DIY Protective Cushion Sleeves

Protective Sleeve for Cushions

I install a slipcover. My customer throws a blanket over it. This is a common scenario with families who have kids and dogs.

Even though the slipcovers I make are protective and washable, many customers still reach for an extra layer of cover.  I get it — a blanket or sheet goes on and off quicker than a zippered cushion cover and can be washed as often as you like.  But it’s a bummer the lovely new slipcover disappears under all of that!

So, I came up with the idea for a cushion sleeve — a protective fabric loop sized to fit seat cushions. Easy to slip on and off. Quick to launder. And, a lot less expensive than having a second set of cushion covers made.

Here’s how to make your own cushion sleeves.  Use any medium to heavy weight fabric i.e. self fabric to match your slipcover, a contrast decorative fabric or a super protective fabric that resists moisture and stains.

Decorative Cushion Sleeve