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Slipcover Maker News: Oatmeal Fabrics, DIY Tips & My Move

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Cotton Linen Oatmeal Slipcover

Custom slipcover for my client’s swivel chair in Boyd cotton-linen blend.

What exactly is oatmeal fabric? It’s a cotton-linen blend, or poly-linen, woven with two colors: natural and undyed flax. Most oatmeals take on a grainy texture and rustic appearance after washed. The flecked cloth is a versatile alternative to solid neutrals such as natural and beige.

Cotton Linen Oatmeal Home Decor Fabrics

Look, feel and weight vary greatly in oatmeal fabrics. So does the performance i.e. coverage, level of wrinkle, washability, etc. Explore! Here are several I like for home decor:

  1. Cypress from InstaLinen. A light weight 100% linen in a gray-tone oatmeal color. Too light for slipcovers but works beautifully for other home decor projects: shade valances (shown above), kitchen towels, pillow covers, lamp shades, curtain panels and more.
  2. Linen Slub from Big Duck Canvas. A textured 14 oz. polyester-linen blend. No longer available
  3. Latin from InstaLinen. This medium weight cotton-linen blend has a rustic, grainy appearance and works well for slipcovers that get moderate use.
  4. Vintage Linen Blend from Big Duck Canvas. A soft 12 oz. linen-cotton with a subtle fleck.
  5. Cotton Linen Blend from Big Duck Canvas. A pronounced basketweave with a soft hand.
  6. Boyd Natural from Calico Corners. I used this fabric for the chair slipcover shown above. It’s a medium weight cotton-linen blend that takes on a rustic texture after washed.
  7. Washed Grainsack from Pottery Barn. No longer available.


You can find affordable used furniture at Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Chairs and sofas in good shape just waiting for a slipcover makeover.

This medium weight, tightly woven chino twill is a good option for making slipcovers when your home sewing machine can’t stitch through thick denim.

Big Duck’s #12 weight canvas is different than 12 oz. canvas. Both work for slipcovers but #12 weight is made with 2-ply yarns, which means it’s more durable and less grainy.


Don’t judge fabric by the price. Fabric priced at $25 per yard isn’t necessarily a better choice for slipcovers than a $10 fabric. Just as a $5 fabric isn’t really a steal if it pills, shrinks-up or stretches out soon after you start using your slipcover. Shop smart. Buy a one yard cut to test shrinkage, coverage and durability before you commit to yardage.


This month I’m celebrating my 6th year in business and a move to my new workroom here in Michigan! I’m now tucked into a small, efficient live/work space with lots of natural light, wood floors and nature views. No commute and less stuff to manage. Yay! I’m looking forward to sharing more slipcover makeovers with you from my little creative spot.

All for now!  –Karen

Slipcover Maker News: Black & White Style, Pin-Fit Tip, DIY Makeover

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Stylist Angie Wendricks at Country Road Living takes a minimalist approach to styling her country farmhouse in a calming palette of black, grey, white and wood tones.  Inspiring!

Black and White Slipcovers

Slipcovers by Karen Bean used Fritz, a simple stripe in black & white cotton linen, to create this chic cover. I like how she wrapped the stripe around the front cushion instead of breaking up the pattern with welt cord.

Maryal and Chris at Love & Specs share their living room makeover all done up in a fun mix of black & patterns and textures. Their buffalo check chair is fabulous!

Want to go beyond classic stripes and buffalo checks? Try a black & white novelty print like a floral or geometric. A few ideas for medium weight slipcovers are:  (Top) Belmont Metal, (center) Good Vibes Ebony and (bottom) InstaLinen Floral Black White


Linen Cotton for Slipcovers

Look what I found at Tonic Living:  Cleary linen-cotton, a supple heavy weight fabric in a lovely bleached cream color called Twine. Looks perfect for casual, washable slipcovers doesn’t it? Remember, test a yard to make sure it can be washed and dried with good results. Photo from Tonic Living.


Pin Fit Tip for Chair Slipcover

Figuring out exactly where to place the arm seam on an English rolled arm chair can be tricky the first time. To take the guesswork out of it create a guide from string and secure it with straight pins. Then, follow it as you pin your slipcover fabric. Once you get the feel for the placement you’ll be able to pin the seam in just the right spot on future projects without the guide.


I love creating furniture makeovers even when they don’t involve a slipcover. When a friend inherited this old secretary I immediately saw it as a home office with a small foot print and lots of storage.  With a little bit of wall paper and some stylish organization we gave her sentimental piece new purpose.

All for now!

Slipcover Maker News: Lovely Pinks, Ticking & Staying Fit

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Laurel Bern’s blog post, How to Work With the Color Pink, shares inspiring interior photos for using pink in unexpected ways. It got me rethinking about pink!

Pink Slipcover Trend Ideas

Slipcovers by Shelley made this beautiful pink floral linen slipcover (lower left). Notice how the faded print gives only a tint of pink to the sofa. Muted, vintage-inspired pinks work well with cream, white, wheat and khaki fabrics — like the wide striped sofa above. (Photo source unknown).

Saturated pinks look fresh and happy in small doses. I tossed my pink patterned pillows (lower right) on a white denim slipcover I just finished. Oooh and aaah!

Kate Forman uses a range of berry and coral pinks in her global/ethnic inspired fabric designs. Scroll through her eclectic collection to see how she styles pink furniture and accessories to create a very cool Boho look.


My blog post about my ongoing hunt for ticking stripe caught Jennie’s attention. She kindly shared a ticking resource she likes: Foreshore Ticking by Revolution Fabrics, a new performance version of an old classic. I haven’t tried it yet but if you live with muddy dogs like Jennie you might appreciate the stain resistant feature.

Revolution Fabrics Performance Ticking


How do you trim a light color cotton slipcover with black welt cord without it bleeding in the wash? Make your bias strips from Trigger fabric, a 65 poly/35 cotton twill. It’s a 6 oz. weight with a cotton hand-feel. Makes a good colorfast trim for denim and canvas.  As always, do your own wash test to make sure it works for your project.

Soft Cream Denim Slipcover with Black Welt Cord


Eccentrics Classical Stretch created by Miranda Esmonde-White. I do one of these 20 minute stretch routines everyday to keep my neck, spine and hips free from stiffness and aches that build up from hours of cutting and sewing. This is smart, easy and feel-good exercise!

All for now!