Cottage-Style Slipcover in Natural Denim

Natural Denim Armchair Slipcover

I make a lot of custom slipcovers in washable denim. It’s a popular choice because it’s so versatile and durable. For this project, I used Big Duck’s natural bull denim.

Natural Denim Slipcover Detail

This 12 oz. denim offers good coverage, especially over the textured upholstery. Once it was washed it became supple and took on a  wonderful broken-in look.

I created a relaxed fit and added a tailored skirt to give my customer’s pair of family-friendly chairs a little cottage charm.

Read more details about natural bull denim on my Fabrics page.


  1. Beautiful fit, you are a prefectionist!!! All your work looks great. Love your blog with photos of your projects. Wish you lived closer so you could do some furniture for me!

    1. Thanks Paula! Glad you like! If I lived closer to you we’d have to do some serious bartering: slipcover for organic veggies and flowers!! 🙂

  2. Beautiful work once again! Your customers are sooooo lucky! Thanks for the inspirational pictures.

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