Fabric Find: $5 Linen Cotton for Slipcovers

Linen Cotton Soft Grey for Slipcovers

Happy New Year everybody! I’m kicking off 2016 with a couple of slipcover projects using an inexpensive linen and cotton fabric in the most beautiful soft grey color.  

I love how this linen cotton blend beefed-up and softened when I preshrunk it. Minimal shrinkage (about 3″ on the length) and very low wrinkle…nice! The weight and coverage are just right for slipcovers.

plaid chair

I have already made a set of Euro pillow shams with it. Next up, a slipcover makeover for a pair of these cute, chubby chairs.

Custom Chair Slipcovers in Grey Linen Cotton


  1. Hi Karen, Happy New Year! I LOVE this linen fabric and am thinking I’m going to order it. I have the older sofa that I was telling you about and I also bought a new one. The older couch definitely needs new slipcovers and I need you to make a couple of new covers for it. Also, although the new sofa is in perfect condition, I’d like to use this fabric on it as well and, as crazy as this may seem, I’m probably going to ask you to make another slipcover (like the one that you just made) for that chair – – yea, so I’ll have 3 slipcovers for that chair…I’m a nut… I will take measurements this weekend and get these to you so you can tell me how much fabric I will need to order for you to make new slipcovers for me. More to follow… Carol

    1. Hi Carol- Let’s do it! The grey linen cotton is such a good buy. You’ll love it in a slipcover. I will calculate yardage as soon as I receive your furniture dimensions. Happy New Year!

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