Linen & Hemp

Slipcover linen and hemp are weighty, slubby, floppy and softly dimpled after washed. These fabrics are strong and wear well. The look is imperfect and uniquely different than any other natural fiber fabric. Below are my favorites.

Hemp Fabric for Slipcovers

100% Hemp, 11 oz. color Natural

This is a strong, tightly woven canvas in 100% hemp with the look and feel of slubby linen. I love its rustic beauty and un-dyed natural color. After washed, this fabric takes on a wonderful floppy drape and allover softly crumpled appearance, no hard wrinkles like cotton canvas. Shrinkage: 4″ to 5″ on a one yard length and up to 3″ on the width.


Covington Glynn Linen Fabric

Covington Glynn Linen

This 100% linen is a classic. The strong 13 oz weight is perfect for slipcovers. Wash and dry your yardage to bring out the natural beauty. Like all linen, this one gets softer and crumpled when laundered.  I like that it doesn’t lint or get hairy when washed. Dark colors are subject to fading in the wash. Be sure to do a wash test on a 1 yard piece. Shrinkage: 4″ to 5″  on a one yard length, 3″ on the width.


Brazil Linen White 12 oz. and Off-White and many other colors.

After washed, Brazil takes on a casual look, floppy drape and softly crumpled texture. I like the 12 oz. weight. It feels substantial without being stiff or coarse. Works well for both tailored and loose fit slipcovers. Expect good coverage over most upholstery fabrics and colors. Shrinkage: 5″ on a one yard length, 4″ on the width. Slipcovers made in Brazil Linen: Karen’s chair and Pam’s chair 


InstaLinen Manchester Linen Fabric

Manchester Linen Natural Brown 13 oz.

This un-dyed, natural brown linen is a beauty! It’s also the most durable 100% linen I’ve found for slipcovers. Heavy weight and tightly woven, this fabric offers excellent coverage and is a good choice for slipcovers that get daily use. Like all linen, this one has moderate give. Low wrinkle (more of an overall soft crumple) when you wash and dry the yardage. Be sure to follow my pre-shrink instructions for best results.  Shrinkage: 4″ on a one yard length, 3″ on the width.