Indigo Denim Slipcovers for Kid’s Room

Kid's built-in bed before denim slipcover.

Why make a denim slipcover for a kid’s mattress?

My customer’s Lake Michigan vacation home can sleep a lot of kids.  There are built-in beds tucked into cozy window nooks, which provide extra sleeping space.

But making blankets and comforters look tidy each day was taking too much time.  Wrapping, tucking and smoothing covers from just the front edge of the mattress can make you break a sweat!

So to give the twin size built-in mattresses a care-free look and easy function I made a custom slipcover for each using indigo denim.  The 14 ounce dark denim is perfect for a kid’s room.  It’s durable, hides dirt well, feels good and holds up well to frequent washing.

Indigo denim slipcovers for kid's mattresses.
Kid’s built-in beds with indigo denim slipcovers.

Now, when it’s time for bed, Mom throws on a fitted sheet and adds covers.  Quickly folding and storing the bedding in the morning is a time saver.

Also, check out the matching end cushions.  One of the twin mattresses is much shorter than the built-in platform length, which left gaps at both ends.  Instead of stuffing pillows to fill the empty spaces,  my customer had me create rectangle cushions the width of the mattress. Smart idea!

I ordered custom foam inserts with down envelopes from Foam Order and made denim slipcovers to fit.  They make the sleep nook look more finished and provide comfy back support.

Foam cushion insert with down wrap for denim slipcovers.
Foam cushion insert with down envelope for denim slipcovers.



  1. This is such a neat idea! And it would be so easy to change the look of the room with a different color or pattern down the road…..or even to a little girl’s room someday when there are granddaughters 🙂

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