How-To Slipcover Videos


Below are my favorite how-to videos & DVD’s taught by professional slipcover makers.

Slipcovers with Shelley, How-To Slipcover DVD  Shelley shows how she pin fits a chair using the reverse pin fit method.

Fit-Like-A-Glove Slipcovers DVD by Jenelle Dech. This training DVD walks you through every step of creating a slipcover for a wingback settee using the reverse pin-fit method.

Paul A. Carter’s half pattern method videos Part 1Part 2, Part 3  Paul demonstrates step-by-step how to create a slipcover pattern by pin-fitting only one half of a chair.

Sailrite’s video tutorial demonstrates how to use existing cushion covers as a pattern to make new covers.

Kim’s Upholstery tutorial is a short video showing how she assembles the pieces for a box cushion.