Linen Slipcovers for Room & Board Chairs

Oatmeal Linen Custom SlipcoverWashed, heavyweight linen works beautifully for any style of slipcover from tailored to contemporary to shabby chic.  It has a wonderful floppy drape and soft crumpled texture you don’t get in canvas or denim.

Room & Board Armchair Before SlipcoverFor this slipcover makeover my customer chose Home Furnishing Linen in color Oatmeal for her Room & Board chairs. Fabric update August 2016 — the quality of this 100% linen is not what it use to be. I’ve removed it from my favorites list. 

You will find this fabric offered in a variety of gorgeous colors but it’s always the un-dyed flax hue that my customers and I choose first every time.  It’s so versatile!

Washed Linen Custom Slipcover

Custom Fit Linen Slipcover

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