My Favorite Cotton-Poly Canvas for Slipcovers

Up your slipcover style with this cotton-poly canvas! Find out why it works so well for washable covers and how it differs from 100% cotton canvas.

Cream canvas chair in bedroom.

If you’ve ever scrolled through my list of favorite fabrics you probably paused on the cotton-poly canvas I recommend. It’s no wonder! This unique canvas stands out from the rest.

It’s my customer’s go-to option when they want a slipcover fabric that is a little more special than a basic 100% cotton canvas.

In today’s post, I share the details about this canvas and how it looks made up in different types of slipcovers. I think you will agree, it’s perfectly suited for a casual, comfy washable slipcover.

Grey canvas chair with pillows and wool blanket.

This cotton-blend canvas is made with a small amount of polyester, which helps soften the wrinkle and adds a little extra strength.

As a result, you can expect a relaxed look after washed with a supple drape. No hard wrinkles when you follow these preshrink tips and my care instructions down below.

I like that it has a cotton-y hand-feel, which is softer than a crisp 100% cotton canvas.

Also, here’s a tidbit worth noting — the polyester in this fabric does NOT make it stain proof and/or water resistant. Polyester fiber alone does not have those kind super powers! This canvas is untreated, no chemical-based protective coating.

Oatmeal color cotton-poly canvas fabric for slipcover.

Don’t you love the Oatmeal color above? I just added it to my mix. The actual color is even prettier than my photo.

What I love most about the cotton-poly canvas is the subtle ribbed texture and two-tone color effect. Those details give the fabric a much more upscale look & feel than regular cotton canvas or duck.

All that beauty is woven in. Not dyed solid or printed. This fabric is yarn-dyed with two different fibers and two different colors, giving it gorgeous character.

Modern sofa with grey slipcover in apartment.

And, let me tell you, this canvas is versatile, too! Super versatile.

I’ve used it to slipcover many different furniture styles: modern sectionals, cottage-y club chairs and wingbacks as well as tailored, classic sofas and simple dining chairs.

Cream canvas slipcovered chair in bedroom.

I recommend this canvas for slipcovers that get normal daily use and up to two washes, or perhaps three, per year. It machine washes and dries beautifully. 

It’s a substantial 12 ounce weight and tightly woven with good coverage and body. The weave has a small amount of give but not it’s not stretchy. This is a good thing for washable slipcovers.

This canvas has moderate shrinkage so be sure to preshrink your yardage before making your slipcover.

Indigo blue canvas slipcovered sofa in playroom.

When it’s time to wash your slipcover, follow these instructions:

Slipcover Wash & Dry — Machine wash cold or warm. No chlorine bleach. Tumble dry warm. Remove slipover from dryer while still slightly damp. Put on furniture to dry completely. Never dry on hot or over dry. To avoid hard wrinkles, wash and dry your covers in a large machines so they can easily move about.

This cotton-poly canvas is simple fabric with a lot of style. Here’s a quick look at the specs:

  • Content: 89% Cotton / 11% Polyester
  • Width: 54″
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Shrinkage: 3″ to 5″ on a one yard length, 1″ on the width
  • Finish: none
  • Origin: made in the U.S.A
  • Colors: shown below
Slipcover cotton-poly canvas color swatches.

As always, thanks so much for following. Have a creative week! — Karen