My Favorite Natural Bull Denim for Slipcovers

The Slipcover Maker Natural Denim

I get pretty excited when I find a really good slipcover fabric priced under $10 per yard.  I think you will like this one, too.  It’s a 12 ounce natural bull denim from Big Duck Canvas.  It’s beefy, tightly woven and the color is the perfect shade of un-dyed natural.

If you have shopped for bull denim you know not all 12 ounce denims are alike.  Some feel wimpy and don’t offer good coverage, some are blended with polyester making them feel slick and some are dyed a weird shade of natural.

The look & feel of this 100% cotton bull denim is just right for making casual slipcovers with a French Laundry look. I would definitely use it for sofa and chair covers that get frequent wear and wash.  It’s that durable!  Shrinkage: 6″ on a one yard length, 3″ on the width.  Don’t forget to pre-shrink your yardage 🙂


  1. The BDC natural bull denim is not brushed and is thicker than Carr Textiles Beefy Brushed Denim. It feels more like a 14 ounce. A pleated skirt would look good in this fabric but I think it’s too thick for a gathered skirt.

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