My List of Favorite Slipcover Fabrics

Karen's Favorite Slipcover Fabrics

Check out my updated list of favorite washable slipcover fabrics. I post a review for each based on my professional experience along with shrinkage info, a photo and a shopping link.

I put this list together because many of you have told me finding an affordable slipcover fabric with just the right look and feel is really difficult.

You shop and shop and shop and when you finally find what you’re looking for you can’t get the number of yards you need. Or, the fabric you find online sort of looks like what you want but the description is so vague you’re not sure if it’s the right weight or how it’s going to shrink.

Shopping for slipcover fabric doesn’t have to be that hard. Start with my list. Read my reviews. You’ll find out what I like best about each fabric and what you can expect. The shopping links I provide are to online stores that typically stock my favorite fabrics on a regular basis.

I use most of these fabrics to make slipcovers with very good results. For the other fabrics on my list, I purchased sample yardage to test coverage, shrinkage, crocking and durability. I highly recommend all of them for slipcovers.

I hope my list helps you find the best fabric for your slipcover project. Check back often as I will be adding more fabrics and reviews.