How To Design Your Slipcover Like a Pro

Taupe Cotton Denim Couch Slipcover

When you look at a before and after slipcover photo what do you notice?

My guess is it’s the fabric and color that catches your eye first. Then the fit, right?

What you might not see right away are the many subtle design details that went into making the slipcover look and perform it’s best. They are creative updates and functional fixes that make all the difference between a so-so slipcover and one that is awe inspiring.

How do you know which design details to add, omit or improve when you make a slipcover?

I’ll use Leah & Scott’s sofa project as an example to show you how I do it.

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4 Money Saving Tips for Slipcovering Your Sectional

Canvas Sectional Slipcover Olive

Let’s face it, a sectional slipcover can be pricey.

The amount of labor, fabric and trim that goes into making a custom sectional cover is typically 2 to 4 times greater than what it takes to slipcover an average size sofa. The more sections, cushions, design details, and yardage = more moola.

So, what if you still love the comfort of your sectional and can’t imagine finding a new one that will fit your space at a price you can afford?

Go for a custom slipcover but make it work for your budget. Below are 4 tips for saving money when it’s time to update your old sectional. Continue reading

Worn Out Slipcovers Make the Best Replacements

Natural canvas replacement slipcover for a chair.I’ve been busy in the workroom this season making slipcover copies for customers across the nation. I thought it would be fun to share some of the before and after photos I’ve received.

But first, what exactly is a slipcover copy? It’s a new slipcover I create by replicating your original. I take apart the old cover and use it as a pattern.

Faded, stained fabric and a few holes and tears are no problem. If the slipcover fit is still in reasonable shape I can duplicate it and make minor adjustments if needed. I customize the look and feel with fabric of your choice.

My slipcover copy service comes in handy when you discover the furniture manufacturer who made your original cover years ago no longer offers replacements.

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