Labor prices for custom slipcovers and slipcover copies. Fabric not included.

Parsons Chair                      $150 +

Armchair                              $300 +

Chaise                                   $450 +

Loveseat                               $550 +

Sofa                                       $600 +

Sectional Sofa                      $1,200 +

Throw Pillow Covers           $25 +

Ottoman                                $125 +

Arm Covers                           $15/pair

Lined Slipcovers                   Add 25% + cost of lining

Pattern Matching                 Add 20%


Fabric Pre-Shrink:  $3/yard.

Trims (other than zippers and welt cord):  buttons, Velcro, skirt lining, deck fabric, etc.                 

Pillow & Cushion Refresh:  Will quote.  Examples:  replace Dacron wrap on seat cushions, add loose fill to back cushions, repair welt cord, order down envelopes, etc.        

Travel:  I travel up to 1.5 hours from my Kalamazoo, MI workroom. A travel fee applies  to/from customers who are located beyond 20 miles of my workroom.

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