Quilted Cushion Covers for Vintage Settee

Vintage Settee Before Slipcover

This vintage settee makeover was inspired by the rich textured look of matelasse fabric. Instead of spending a fortune on the real stuff my customer found quilted king and twin size coverlets for a steal.  They worked great for her custom covers.

Quilted Cushion Covers for Vintage Settee
Cushion Slipcovers Made from Quilted Coverlets

Padded and quilted, that’s exactly what we needed to cover the worn upholstery and random lumps from old springs.  I also attached a cushy layer of batting for extra loft and comfort.  And, of course, there is the animal print piping!  


  1. Really glad to have found your blog! Work is beautiful and I find your fabric weight etc helpful.id like to know how and if you handle attached back sofas . I am not a fan of look and often talk clients into detach and I cover individual cushions. Didn’t know if you have a system of leaving them attached and slipcover still looking custom and tailored. Thank you Lisa Connelly Ljcstyle.com

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