2 thoughts on “roxanne natural denim slipcover

  1. diane

    could you tell me which fabrics were used on these pieces- they are beautiful! I have a sectional that is in need of a new slip cover- I am in upstate NY –

  2. slipcovermaker Post author

    Diane — I used Yale denim, 12 oz. color natural http://www.housefabric.com/Yale-Denim-Natural-P92626.aspx. You could also use this 12 oz. natural denim from Big Duck Canvas to get the same look & feel http://www.bigduckcanvas.com/made-in-the-usa-fabrics/12oz-65-cotton-bull-denim-natural/. If you need a beefier, more substantial version I would go with this 14 oz. natural denim — I use it more than any other denim. http://www.artisticfabrics.com/classic-natural-Heavy-weight-14oz-washed-denim-twill-home-decorating-fabric.aspx.

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