The Slipcover Maker’s Story


I never imagined I would reinvent myself as a slipcover maker mid-life. Launch my own slipcover business at age 55? No way.

But then, the unexpected happened.

The 2008 financial crisis swooped in. My product design career dried up. I lost my house. I blew through my savings as I tried to make ends meet while working minimum wage jobs and searching for my next big opportunity in my field.

During that time my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which prompted me to move back to my Midwest home town where I took on the role of caregiver.

As I settled into my new reality, the stress, sadness, worry and financial loss began to take its toll. I wanted to get back to work and feel productive again. The pressure was on to generate income. But, how? Doing what?

The only thing I could do was to hit the reset button and start over from the ground up.

Scary? You bet it was.

After a lot of research and soul search, I discovered my interests and skills were a good fit with starting a custom slipcover business. I took the plunge. And, I’m so glad I did!

I started my business on shoe string budget from my small one-bedroom apartment using my home sewing machine. The learning curve was steep. I made more mistakes than I’d like to admit. But with a lot of hard work, and the right professionals to guide me, I learned how to succeed despite limitations and setbacks.

Today, my slipcover business is flourishing. Making slipcovers for my customers, running the day to day operations and inspiring others via my blog is very rewarding.

I now make a living on my own terms from work I absolutely love.

If you’ve ever wondered if starting a slipcover business could be your chance to start over I encourage you to begin exploring — no matter your age or circumstance.

I hope my story sparks a new beginning for you. –Karen