Slipcover Business Consulting

Start a Slipcover Business Hello! I’m Karen Powell, owner of The Slipcover Maker.

As a professional slipcover maker, I create beautiful and purposeful custom covers that bring joy to a lot of people.

If you long to do the same, you might be wondering:

  • What does it take to start and grow a successful home-based slipcover business?
  • Can I make a living at it?
  • What are the start-up costs and requirements?
  • How do I find customers?
  • What should I charge for my work?
  • Where do I source fabrics and trims?

Ten years ago, I set out to answer those same questions and many more as I searched for more satisfying work and a new way of life. I share my story here.

Today, I run a flourishing slipcover business from my home and write a popular blog. I successfully reinvented myself as The Slipcover Maker and discovered how-to make a living on my own terms from work I love.

Now, it’s your turn!

I’m here to equip you with know-how, resources and affordable action steps to launch and run your own business like a pro.

Book a business consult with me. I will address your specific needs with practical advice and steer you around the pitfalls, so you can quickly get set up on the right track and avoid getting bogged down by common mistakes.

We’ll zero in on the most important things you can do to make your business a success no matter your budget or limitations.

Ready to start?

Let’s meet face-to-face via Zoom or by phone. Afterwards I will email relevant resource links and action steps.

Fill out the form below. I will be in touch soon with pricing.  I look forward to working with you!