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The Best Faded, Streaked and Worn Slipcover Fabric

Old Worn Denim Slipcover

Anthea sent me her old denim loveseat cover to duplicate in canvas. Instead of going with a basic cotton canvas she chose a heavyweight, durable cotton-poly blend with a vintage stonewashed finish.

The results: a wonderfully rustic slipcover for her family cabin in Vermont. It’s going to look right at home next to the big stone fireplace, log walls and wide plank wood floors.

If you’ve never slipcovered with stonewashed canvas you might be wondering what’s so special about this faded and streaked fabric.

Moon Dust Stonewashed Canvas Slipcover
Loveseat slipcover copy in Moon Dust Stonewashed Cot/Poly Canvas

It’s the distressed finish combined with a soft, broken-in feel that sets it apart from regular canvas.

Stone washing gives the color an uneven faded appearance similar to what you see on your favorite pair of worn & loved jeans. I think of the look as a weathered patina.

It also washes beautifully, comes out of the dryer supple and barely a wrinkle. That’s what a little bit of polyester mixed with cotton will do for a canvas.

Now, just because this 12 oz. vintage stonewashed cloth was processed to look broken in it doesn’t mean it’s worn out or thread bare in places.

You can be sure it’s beefy and sturdy. This canvas is tough and will hold up to everyday use just fine. I think Anthea’s new slipcover will outlast her loveseat!

Big Duck Canvas offers several colors. Order swatches, they are a must-see in person:

Keep in mind distress marks on a stonewashed canvas are subtle on light to medium colors and more obvious on darker shades. Wash & dry test a one yard piece and you’ll see the level of contrast.

Need some stonewash inspiration? Below are a few pieces that show the beauty and multi-uses this type of canvas offers.

Four Hands Stonewashed Canvas Chair

Stonewashed canvas pairs easily with other natural materials like wood, stone and metal.

Banks Swivel Chair Stonewashed Jute

Simple slipcover designs and topstitched seams look relaxed and modern in stonewashed cotton, jute or linen canvas fabrics.

RH Stonewashed Canvas Butterfly Chair

Think outside of living room slipcovers. Stonewashed canvas will work for all kinds of slipcover projects: dog beds, floor cushions, daybed mattress covers, futon covers, etc.