What’s the Best Skirt Style for Your Slipcover?

Slipcover Skirt Styles

My customers often ask me to update the skirt style on their chair or sofa when I make their slipcover. Removing a tailored skirt, for example, and shortening the slipcover hemline to show the legs instantly gives an outdated piece a new, contemporary look.

When choosing a skirt style, consider the type of slipcover fabric you’ll be using and your furniture’s design features. Here are 5 of the most popular slipcover skirt styles:

Tailored Skirt: a classic, mid-length or full length skirt with an inverted box pleat at each corner.

Gathered Skirt: a short or long single ruffle placed all the way around. Or, add gathers just at the corners of a tailored skirt.

Pleated Skirt: inverted box pleats or knife pleats all the way around.

No Skirt: slipcover hemline can vary, the look is clean and contemporary.

Waterfall Skirt: slipcover sides, back and front continue to the floor without a joining skirt seam.

Can you mix different skirt styles in one room? Absolutely. As shown in the photo above, multiple skirt styles can sit next to each other beautifully. The key is to use fabric and color to tie all of the slipcovers together.

Photo credit: unknown, sorry!

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  1. I love that picture! I’m pretty sure I have it in my stash of inspiration pictures; I just liked the blue and white ideas and hadn’t noticed that it is a great example of different skirt styles. I believe it’s originally from Country Home magazine, but I couldn’t track down a link that worked 🙁

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