Why Organic Cotton for Your Slipcover?

I just added another favorite slipcover fabric to my FABRICS page.  It’s the 10 oz. organic cotton canvas (duck) from Big Duck Canvas. When you compare it side by side with the Big Duck’s regular 10 oz. cotton canvas it looks exactly the same.  However, you’ll notice right away the difference in the hand-feel; slightly softer surface and overall less stiff.

The nicer hand-feel is a result of the certified organic cotton and how the fabric was processed.  The cotton is grown, harvested, woven into fabric and finished without the harmful, toxic chemicals traditionally used in conventional textile manufacturing. The entire process, from field to fabric, meets the Global Organic Textile Standard.

When I find an organic cotton fabric that is suitable for my slipcover projects I’m all over it.  I opt for it because certified organic cotton is produced with care for people and the environment.  I like supporting sustainable farming.  I like that organic production methods significantly reduce field and factory worker’s exposure to hazardous substances.  And, I like having textile products (including slipcovers) in my home that don’t outgas toxins.

Take a look at the Choose Organic Cotton video above. It’s a simple and informative intro to why organic cotton fabrics benefit us all.

*Big Duck’s organic cotton canvas has been preshrunk by the mill, however, you still have to wash and dry your yardage before making your slipcover to remove residual shrinkage so that your slipcover doesn’t shrink.

Video source: created by G. Kennedy Creative, found on prAna channel at YouTube.