Tools & Supplies

measuring & Marking Tools
Measuring Tools for Slipcover Makers

Dritz Flip It Tape Measure, ¾ by 144 inch The best flexible tape for measuring furniture! Super long. Measures 144″ on one side. Flip it over and continue measuring up to 288″.

2″ x 60″ Metal Ruler This ruler is the perfect width for making my welt cord bias strips with 3/4″ seam allowance. The 60″ length makes it fast and easy to chalk cut lines on fabric.

1.5″ x 60″ Metal Ruler If you prefer making welt bias strips with 1/2″ seam allowance this is the ruler is for you.

6″ Metal Sewing Gauge I keep several of these little rulers in my workroom. They come in handy for making small marks on seams and measuring turned hem allowance.

Omnigrip 2.5″ x 18″ Non-Slip, See-Through Ruler This is my go-to ruler for measuring and marking the slipcover skirt height as I pin fit and when I draft slipcover patterns.

Clover Chaco Liner Chalk White and Clover Chaco Liner Chalk Refill White It wheels on a fine line of chalk, which is easy to brush off. I use in place of pen or pencil when I don’t want to leave permanent marks on my slipcover.

Best Scissors for Slipcover Makers

Kai 8.5″ Ergonomic Scissors 5220 I’ve been using Kai scissors for many years. I especially like the 8″ length for cutting as I pin fit.  The overall weight and non-slip, ergonomic handles makes this scissor very comfortable. The blades are sharper than other scissors I’ve used especially the points.

Kai 10″ Ergonomic Scissors 5250 These 10″ long scissors let me take big cuts. I use them mostly for cutting long lengths like welt bias strips, skirt panels and when I have to cut up rolls of fabric for pre-shrink.

Clover White Ergonomic Seam Ripper Ripping out a few stitches or an entire seam is part of any sewing project, slipcovers included.  This ripper is super sharp. The fine point makes it easy to get under the tightest stitch.

Chickadee D2 by Eastman Electric Fabric Cutter This heavy duty electric cutter is on my wish list. I’ve seen it in action and let me tell you it’s impressive. Cuts through 2 layers of heavy weight slipcover fabric easily and very quickly. If you’re cutting dozens of yards of bias strips every week like me, this is the answer to speeding up production and reducing repetitive stress on your hand.

Pins & clips
Pins for Slipcover Making

Dritz Long Color Ball Pins A sharp, 1.5 inch steel shaft (6 mm) pin that works great for pin fitting slipcovers.  250 count.

Wonder Clips These little clips are brilliant! I use these them in place of pins for certain tasks like keeping stripes in place while I sew to ensure a perfect match.

Grabbit Magnetic Pin Cushion I use this pin holder on my worktable and take it with me when I pin fit. Magnetic on top only. Pins won’t stick to the sides or bottom.

Thread for Sewing Slipcovers

T-40 Wawak Perform-X, 6,000 Yard Cone Size T-40 poly wrapped poly core is a strong thread for industrial straight stitch machines. I use it to sew all of my slipcovers no matter the fabric.  I keep basic colors on hand:  white, antique cream, khaki, dark grey, black and dark navy.

T-27 Maxi-Lock, 3,000 Yard Cone Size T-27 spun polyester thread is the one I use on my 2-needle, 4-thread industrial serger. This is a strong, quality thread that works great for overlocking seams on all types of slipcover fabrics.

Welt Cord
Welt Cord for Slipcovers

R-TEX Medium Welt Cord #WC10 size 5/32, 500 yards This is a wholesale resource for medium-firm welt cord. It has a poly tissue-like core and wrapped with a poly braided cover. It’s firm enough to keep its shape yet soft enough to bend around curves smoothly.

Doesn’t shrink or pucker when slipcover is washed under normal conditions. The 5/32 size is standard for slipcovers. A smaller size 4/32 is also available.

Welt Cord, Medium Firm, size 5/32 — 15 yards is a retail welt cord resource for DIY slipcover makers. Same cord as described above. Buy exactly the amount you need for your project.


Zipper Tape and Zipper Slides Wholesale resource for size 4.5 nylon coil zipper tape in 215 yard rolls and matching slides. This is what I use for sofa and armchair cushion covers. Strong and flexible. I keep 4 colors on hand: White, Tan, Black and Grey.

Individual Zippers, Nylon Coil, Size #3 Retail source for nylon coil, closed-end zippers. I keep 2 lengths of size #3 on hand in colors white, natural, tan, black and grey: 30” long for side entry on the slipcover body and 24” long for throw pillows. I cut them shorter when needed.