About The Slipcover MakerHello there! I’m Karen, owner of The Slipcover Maker.

I specialize in making washable, natural fiber slipcovers for clients in West Michigan. I also create slipcover replacements for customers nationwide.

My custom-made slipcovers are a practical solution for giving your worn & loved furniture a fresh, new look.

If your chair or sofa has good bones and still offers comfy-support it’s an ideal candidate for a slipcover makeover.

With a background in sewn product design and textile development, I bring over 30 years experience in fabric selection, pattern making and construction expertise to your slipcover project.  View my work.

The Slipcover Maker About

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. dana jensen (@2Toydriver)

    Karen, this is the best site I’ve found on slipcovers and diy’ing them! A question, if I want a soft, relaxed fabric for a cottage/french country kind of look, would hemp or polyester canvas be better? I want it to feel soft, not just look soft, and relaxed not wrinkled.

    thank you!

  2. slipcovermaker Post author

    Dana, all natural fiber fabrics wrinkle to a certain degree. Level of wrinkle varies from fabric to fabric. Hemp starts off somewhat crisp and softens beautifully with each wash. Some hemp fabric wrinkle more than others. I don’t work with polyester canvas so I can speak to that one. But the cotton-poly canvas I use has a cottony hand-feel and low wrinkle if you preshrink and launder it correctly. Both hemp and the cotton-poly canvas I use are great for cottage-y / French cottage looks. You can read all of my review here. https://slipcovermaker.com/fabrics/

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