Start a Slipcover Business

Do You Love To Design & Sew Slipcovers?

Put your talent to work and get paid for it!

That’s what I did. And now I make a living on my own terms from work I love.

I started my slipcover business at age 55 when life threw me a big curve ball and forced me to start over from the ground up. 

I’ve grown my business organically and without any outside financial support. I successfully reinvented myself as The Slipcover Maker and my business has flourished more than I ever thought possible. 

I want that kind of success for you, too!

Discover How To Launch Your Own Slipcover Business

Do you need a restart? Are you looking for a way to earn a good living with your sewing skills and passion for home decor, but you’re not sure where to begin? 

I wrote The Slipcover Maker’s Business Guidebook to provide detailed guidance to individuals who are considering starting a home-based slipcover business. I want to save you time and money by passing on all of the knowledge I’ve gained since I began in 2012.

Why should you have to learn the hard way? Learn from my mistakes—and from my success. I will teach you step-by-step. 

The Demand is There

In this practical guidebook, I’ll show you the four different business models you can choose from, each having their own unique group of clients.

Professional slipcover services are in steady demand. I’m consistently booked 3 to 4 months out! And, my slipcover maker peers across the U.S. tell me they have long waitlists, too.

There are plenty of consumers who are willing to pay a premium price for expertly-made slipcovers to keep their favorite furniture pieces in service and looking fresh.

Shorten Your Learning Curve

The Slipcover Maker’s Business Guidebook extensively covers everything you need to know to successfully set up your slipcover business, including how to:

  • Choose a business model among four options
  • Do the legal legwork to open your business
  • Select the right bookkeeping system
  • Plan your workroom
  • Source fabrics and trims, with tips on buying from fabric wholesalers
  • Price your work accurately and for profit
  • Find your ideal customers with low to no-cost marketing methods
  • Cost out a job and write an estimate
  • Schedule and manage pin fittings
  • Invoice and collect payments like a pro
  • Put business systems in place for efficiency
  • Grow your business
  • Plus, a thorough resource directory including a list of slipcover fabrication tutorials, classes and workshops.

Start Smart

At only $54, this ebook will save you valuable hours of wasted time and hundreds of dollars in misspent money. It will allow you to succeed faster than I did, launching you down the path to success.

This is an exhaustive, detailed guide to help you avoid all of the pitfalls I’ve faced.

The Slipcover Maker’s Business Guidebook  will help you make the right decision about taking the plunge into this business. If you decide not to pursue this venture after reading the ebook, you’ll lose much less of an investment than if you launched a business and then found out it wasn’t for you.

Take Control of Your Future

My slipcover business has put me in charge of my life. When I first started out, it allowed me the flexibility to grow at my own pace while I worked a part-time job and cared for a family member.

Best of all running my own business has given me financial stability and a fulfilling creative profession. 

What My Ebook Readers Are Saying

“Wow! It’s the most comprehensive guidebook out there. You’ve put a lot of thought and time on this project. There’s so much information that will help others avoid the pitfall’s and start on the right foot. Great job!”  — CJ at Simply Slips

“I really appreciate your e-book — a real wealth of knowledge!” — Betsy U.

“Just read through your guidebook and wanted to tell you thank you for making it very clear and informative. I have owned and operated a drapery/slipcover workroom for 31 years and I was just hoping to get one piece of information from your guidebook, and you provided many useful sources and helpful pricing guidelines.” — Jill Brown at Slipcovey

“The sections on pricing the projects were phenomenal!  Your system will also help me with pricing my re-purposed home decor products.” — Cindy at Reinvented Delaware

The Slipcover Maker’s Business Guidebook

  PDF Download, 14 chapters, 74 pages

PRICE: $54