Cotton Canvas

Canvas is a strong, plain weave fabric. Made from cotton, other natural fibers or blends, canvas makes a versatile and long wearing slipcover. Below are my favorites.

White Cotton Duck Sofa Slipcover

12 oz. White Cotton Duck

I like this heavyweight duck cloth (canvas) for simple white slipcovers that get a lot of use and frequent washing. It’s also a good choice when lighter-weight white fabrics are not dense enough to cover dark colored upholstery. Shrinkage: 3″ on a one yard length, 2″ on the width. This duck is offered in many other colors.

White cotton canvas also available in this medium weight 10 oz. White Duck Cloth.

Durable Natural Duck Slipcover

#12 weight Natural Cotton Duck

A heavy weight, undyed canvas made with 2-ply yarns in the fill (width of fabric). It’s a bit thicker and more durable than regular 12 ounce single-ply natural canvas. I love the casual, relaxed look after washed….wrinkles and all.  Shrinkage: 4″ on a one yard length, 2″ on the width. Slipcover made in #12 weight natural canvas: Sharon’s sofa  and Karen’s chair

Stack of army duck fabric multiple colors.
11.5 oz yarn-dyed army duck

Colors: Heathered Lilac, Rose Quartz, Heathered Ash, and Mellow Yellow

This colorful cotton army duck (canvas) has the look of chambray and is super strong. It’s woven very tightly with double-plied yarns. The surface feels softer than regular grainy canvas but this fabric is not limp! It has a crisp drape and a dense hand-feel.

I like the 11.5 oz weight for slipcovers. It offers excellent coverage over any upholstery fabric without being too heavy or thick to sew on most home sewing machines. Be sure to preshrink this fabric to break down the initial stiffness. Minimize wrinkle by following my preshrink instructions.

Moon Dust Stonewashed Canvas Slipcover

12 oz. Vintage Stonewashed Cotton-Poly Canvas — several colors!

This heavy-duty cotton-poly blend canvas is tough and long-wearing. It works well for slipcovers that get a lot of use every day. The look is rustic, the hand feel is sturdy. It’s stonewashed, which gives the color an uneven faded, and streaked appearance. This is NOT a soft fabric but it does get supple after wash. Low wrinkle. Be sure to preshrink your yardage.

Cotton Canvas for Slipcovers

10 oz. Cotton Canvas — Natural, White and Many Colors!

This is an economical canvas that makes a casual slipcover of medium-weight. Offered in natural, white and lots of colors. The hand-feel softens after it’s washed and takes on a relaxed, broken-in look. Expect moderate wrinkle on colors and high wrinkle on natural depending on how you wash/dry it. Shrinkage: 4″ on a one yard length, 2″ on the width.  Slipcovers in 10 oz.  canvas: Sue’s chair


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