20 Tips to Slipcover Success

How To Preshrink Slipcover Fabrics

Best Welt Cord for Slipcovers

Yardage Estimate

3 Steps for Choosing the Best Slipcover Fabric

#1 Tip for Better Fitting Ottoman Slipcovers

5 Things to Know About New Foam Cushions

Are Performance Fabrics a Good Choice for Slipcovers?


All About Canvas for SlipcoversIn All About Canvas & Duck for Slipcovers I answer your most common questions: Is canvas the best choice for your slipcover? Will it wrinkle like crazy? How will it feel and function?

This comprehensive fabric guide will walk you through what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for canvas.

All About Denim for Slipcovers Ebook by Karen PowellIn All About Denim for Slipcovers I share in-depth information and tips that make it easy for you to narrow down your denim choices and select the best one for your project. 

Find out if denim is a better choice than canvas for your slipcover, which types of denim work best and much, much more.


How-to Refresh the Back Cushions on Your Sofa and Armchair

How To Make Cushion Sleeves



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