3 Steps for Choosing the Best Slipcover Fabric

Making Your Own Slipcover? Try These Easy To Sew Fabrics

Yardage Estimate Guide

How To Preshrink Slipcover Fabrics

Are Performance Fabrics a Good Choice for Slipcovers?

Denim Slipcovers FAQ

Canvas Slipcovers FAQ

Best Fabric Weight for Your Slipcover

7 Things That Make a Fabric Print Ideal for Slipcovers



List of Favorite Fabrics + Reviews

Natural Canvas: 3 Favorites for Slipcovers

Ticking Stripe Fabric Reviews

Top 5 Fabrics for White Slipcovers

Favorite White and Natural Canvas for Slipcovers

4 Things to Look for When Choosing Slipcover Linen



5 Things to Know About New Foam Cushions

How-to Refresh the Back Cushions on Your Sofa and Armchair



#1 Tip for Better Fitting Ottoman Slipcovers

How-to Refresh the Back Cushions on Your Sofa and Armchair

Best Welt Cord for Slipcovers

The Slipcover Maker’s Guide to Making Welt Cord


SLIPCOVER HOW-TO  RESOURCESHow To Make Slipcovers by Storey BasicsHow-To Make Slipcovers

Sailrite’s Box Cushion Video Tutorial

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