What are the best slipcover fabrics?

I recommend medium to heavy weight fabrics that are durable, washable and have long lasting design appeal.  Learn how I choose the best fabric.

Below are some of my favorite slipcover fabrics. Retailer links are provided. I use these fabrics with good results for my client jobs and my own projects.

NOTE:  fabric quality, color, price and availability change without notice. Always sample before buying your slipcover yardage. Read my fabric review disclosure policy on my About page.

Natural Bull Denim 12 oz. Thick and durable, this cotton denim is a good basic for casual slipcovers that get moderate to frequent use. It offers very good coverage. The hand-feel is somewhat stiff but will relax and soften when you pre-shrink it. Shrinkage: Natural 6″ on a one yard length and 3″ on the width.

Slipcovers made with this natural bull denim: Marilyn’s sofa and Barb’s sofa.

White Topsider Bull Denim Tightly woven, sturdy and offers good coverage. Great for slipcovers that get daily use and up to 4 washes per year. The look is substantial without feeling stiff. White color is not too bright or too creamy. Machine washable. To avoid deep set wrinkles be sure to wash & dry this fabric per my washing instructions.  Shrinkage: 6″ per yard length and 3″ on width.

Slipcover made with white Topsider denim: Peggy’s sofa

Indigo Denim 14 oz. This premium indigo denim is a classic. Beefy 14 oz. weight with a soft drape. Works well in slipcovers that get daily use — a good choice if you have kids and/or pets. The medium shade of indigo is yarn dyed (not dyed solid) which gives the fabric an authentic blue jean look. Machine washable. Be sure to pre-shrink your yardage. Shrinkage: 2″ per one yard length and 1″ on the width.

Slipcovers made with indigo denim: Ellen’s love seat and Kathy’s arm chair

Natural Cotton Canvas #12 Weight A heavy duty canvas made with 2-ply yarns in the fill (width of fabric). It’s denser, thicker and more durable than 10 oz and 12 oz canvas. Designed for tents, awnings, tote bags, etc. but I found it works great for slipcovers. I love the casual, relaxed look after washed….wrinkles and all. Shrinkage: 4″ on a one yard length, 2″ on the width.

Slipcover made in #12 weight natural canvas: Kitty’s sectional and Sharon’s sofa.

Cotton Canvas 10 oz.  This is an economical canvas that makes a casual slipcover of medium-weight. Offered in natural and many colors. The hand-feel softens after it’s washed and takes on a relaxed, broken-in look. Expect low to moderate wrinkle on colors and high wrinkle on natural depending on how you wash/dry it. Shrinkage: 4″ on a one yard length, 2″ on the width.

Slipcovers made in 10 oz. red canvas: Karen’s chair and 10 oz. natural canvas Sue’s chair

White Cotton Duck (Canvas) 12 oz. I like this heavyweight duck cloth (canvas) for simple white slipcovers that get a lot of use and frequent washing. It’s a good choice when lighter-weight white fabrics are not dense enough to cover dark colored upholstery. Shrinkage: White 3″ on a one yard length, 2″ on the width.

Slipcover made with this white canvas: Pam’s chaise

Carr-Go Cotton Canvas 8 oz.  A medium weight canvas for slipcovers that get moderate use and few washes. It’s tightly woven with finer yarns than a utility canvas so the texture is more refined. Hand-feel is peach skin soft. Overall good coverage but check white and natural to make sure your upholstery color doesn’t show through. Some colors fade in direct sunlight. Shrinkage: 1.5″ on a one yard length and 1/2″ on the width.

Slipcovers made in Carr-Go Canvas: Sherry’s sofa  and Bonnie’s chair

Hemp French Linen This thick, textured cloth is 100% hemp but has the look & feel of linen! It’s a heavy weight with gorgeous drape. Beautiful un-dyed color that resembles pale butter. Machine washable. It takes on a wonderful floppy feel and soft crumple when laundered. Be sure to pre-shrink.  Shrinks 3″ on a one yard length, 3″ on the width.

Slipcovers made in Hemp French Linen: Jenna’s chair and sofa

Brazil Linen 12 oz White and Off-White and many other colors.  After washed, Brazil takes on a casual look, floppy drape and softly crumpled texture. I like the 12 oz. weight. It feels substantial without being stiff or coarse. Works well for both tailored and loose fit slipcovers.Very nice quality but I experienced light pilling in random areas on my linen slipcover after 6 months of use. Expect good coverage over most upholstery fabrics and colors. Shrinkage: 5″ on a one yard length, 4″ on the width.

Slipcovers made in Brazil Linen: Karen’s chair , Pam’s chair and Shelley’s sofa.

Manchester Linen NaturalManchester Natural Brown Linen 13.5 oz. Go to InstaLinen.com and get a special discount on Manchester Linen when you use this promo code at checkout: slipcovermaker

This un-dyed, natural brown linen is a beauty! It’s also the most durable 100% linen I’ve found for slipcovers. Heavy weight and tightly woven, this fabric offers excellent coverage and is a good choice for slipcovers that get daily use. Low wrinkle (more of an overall soft crumple) when you wash and dry the yardage following my fabric pre-shrink instructions.  Shrinkage: 4″ on a one yard length, 3″ on the width.

Latin Linen Cotton Natural Brown Off White. I’m drawn to the simple rustic texture and two-tone oatmeal color. The look reminds me of hemp grain sacks and homespun linen sheets. Washable and tightly woven, this 12 oz linen cotton blend is a good choice for casual slipcovers that get moderate use.  Shrinkage: 5″ on a one yard length and 3″ on the width.  Expect subtle stretch up the roll (on the straight of grain).

Slipcover made in Latin Linen: Pam’s chair.

Cotton Diamond Matelasse by Roth & Tompkins.  My favorite 100% cotton matelasse in color Natural. Thick, supple, not too stretchy. The classic diamond pattern looks great in so many styles of slipcovers. Launders beautifully. Very little shrinkage but still requires pre-shrinking.

Slipcovers made in Diamond Matelasse: Sherry’s wing back chair and Vanessa’s day bed.

Naples Shade Buffalo Check A striking black and white large check. This cotton poly blend is heavy weight and durable.  Machine washable even though the label says dry clean only. Very little shrinkage. Excellent coverage. This check is a directional pattern and offered in other colors.

Slipcover made in Naples Shade Buffalo Check:  Brittany’s chair.

Chester Gingham Check by Roth & TompkinsI like this beefy cotton gingham check. It’s a classic and the Charcoal & Antique White colorway is a neutral I never grow tired of. Be mindful of the directional (one way) check pattern when cutting your slipcover. Nice texture, a subtle horizontal rib. Offered in many other colors. Shrinkage: 6″ on a one yard length, 2″ on the width.

Slipcovers made in Chester Gingham: Annette’s chair and Cynthia’s sofa

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