How To Make a Slipcover

I’m so excited you want to make your own slipcover! I created this 4-part tutorial series to walk you through the pin fit and sew methods I use to make a great fitting cover.

Click on the links below and start learning!

part 1 how to pin fit a slipcover right side out

Learn how to make a slipcover that truly fits your furniture and looks beautiful! Pin fitting a slipcover right side out is easy and intuitive, perfect for beginners.

part 2 – how to prep your pin fitting for sewing

In this tutorial, I share simple, step-by-step instructions that will have you making a better fitting custom cover in no time. These are the steps needed to prep your pinned cover for sewing.

part 3 – How to sew the slipcover body

Once you’ve completed the pin fitting and prepped it for sewing, it’s time to stitch the pieces together. Learn how to sew the slipcover body in this easy step-by-step tutorial.

part 4 – How to make the cushion cover & skirt

This tutorial shows you how to make a tailored skirt and cushion cover for your slipcover. These are the finishing touches that give your DIY chair cover a professional look.

Extra tips – 5 ways to make sewing a slipcover hassle-free

Making your own slipcover can be enjoyable and rewarding when you know how to avoid common sewing pitfalls. Learn my simple tips and tricks for stitching up your new cover hassle-free.