Heavy weight cotton denim is a durable twill weave fabric. It washes and wears very well making it a good choice for slipcovers that get a lot of use.

Below are the denims I use. Click on the links provided to purchase them from my affiliate fabric partners.

The Slipcover Maker Natural and White Bull Denim Fabrics

12 oz. Natural Cotton Bull Denim 

12 oz White Cotton Bull Denim

You get a lot of bang for your buck when you slipcover with this 12 oz. cotton bull denim in natural and white.  These neutral denims are versatile, durable and washable. They give any piece an instant update. The look is casual and relaxed.

Great for slipcovers that get normal daily use and up to 4 washes per year. Coverage is excellent over most upholstery colors. Low wrinkle. Be sure to preshrink your yardage for best results. See how these fabrics look in a slipcover: Cynthia’s Chair and Barb’s sofa and Peggy’s sofa and chair

Cotton Denim for Slipcovers

12 oz Cotton Bull Denim — Lots of Colors!

Cotton bull denim in color! This is the same quality as the 12 oz. natural and white I feature above. It’s washable, too! Be sure to order swatches to review actual color. Like the natural and white denim this fabric needs to be preshrunk before making your slipcover. Low wrinkle when you follow my preshrink instructions.


The Slipcover Maker Topsider Camel Denim

11.5 oz Camel Topsider Denim

I’m super happy with this tightly woven, beefy 11.5 oz. cotton bull denim. Dyed the most gorgeous shade of  camel — a good alternative to Khaki. Topsider is ideal for everyday slipcovers. Machine washes and dries with very good results. To avoid deep set wrinkles be sure to wash & dry this fabric per my washing instructions.  Expect high shrinkage: 6″ per yard length and 3″ on width.

Topsider also comes in other colors: Chrome GreyThistle Grey, Slate Blue, White and Gunmetal Grey.

The Slipcover Maker Topsider Denim Colors


The Slipcover Maker Indigo Cotton Denim

14 oz. Yarn Dyed Indigo Blue Denim

This yarn-dyed indigo denim is a classic. Beefy 14 oz. weight with a soft drape. Works well in slipcovers that get a lot of use. You’ll love the durability especially if you have kids and/or pets.

The indigo blue color (above) is a medium shade of indigo. It’s yarn-dyed (not dyed solid) which gives the fabric an authentic blue jean look. Machine washable. Be sure to pre-shrink your yardage. Slipcovers in Indigo denim: Ellen’s love seat and Kathy’s chair.


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