#1 Tip for Better Fitting Ottoman Slipcovers

Ottoman Slipcover Fit Tips

Have you ever made an ottoman slipcover and the top fit too small even though your measurements were spot on? Did the welt cord ride up and pull away from the corners?

That’s usually what happens when you cut and sew the ottoman top to match only the width and depth measurements. Those specs don’t tell you much about how poofy or flat the ottoman’s crown is or how rounded or pointed the corners should be.

To create a better fit try this:  pin fit the welt cord upright against the ottoman sides. Here’s how I do it:

  1. Cut fabric for the ottoman top 2″ larger on all sides.
  2. Center fabric on ottoman and pin it to the surface.
  3. This is key: position welt cord seam allowance flat against the sides of the ottoman.  Align the rounded edge of the welt cord with the ottoman surface. Pin cord all the way around following the natural curve of the corners.
  4. Trim excess fabric following edge of welt cord seam allowance. Remove the top cover from ottoman and stitch on welt cord without removing the pins. Notch corners and proceed with attaching skirt.

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