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Wooly Bolus: Feel-Good Stuffing for Pillows

Wooly Bolus Filled Throw PillowsMy favorite natural fill for throw pillows, and bed pillows, is wooly bolus. This loose, organic pillow stuffing is made from felted wool clusters, which are soft and springy.

A pillow stuffed with wooly bolus looks similar to a down/feather pillow. It’s a bit firmer and less squishy but it can be easily fluffed and shaped.  I especially like the many feel-good qualities of this wool fill:

  • Resists dust mites and mildew
  • No toxic fire retardants
  • Breathable, good thermal comfort
  • Renewable resource processed without harmful chemicals

I buy organic wooly bolus fill by the pound from Organic Cotton Plus. For a 18″ throw pillow I use about 1.5  pounds of fill and for a standard size bed pillow I use 2 to 3 pounds.

For best results, first make a zippered case the size of your decorative pillow cover. I use pre-shrunk cotton sheeting. Then, stuff it with wooly bolus to your desired fullness. This will be your pillow insert. You can remove or add fill any time to adjust the plumpness and refresh compressed fiber.

Can a wooly bolus pillow insert be washed?  Yes and no. Check out the results from my wash and dry test. I also include how-to instructions in this article I wrote for Satara Home’s blog.

Slipcover Makeover Turns Sleigh Bed into a Sofa

To turn this vintage sleigh-bed into a sofa I gave it a slipcover makeover times nine! Each piece — the futon cushion, topper, bolster, soft-box pillows and knife-edge pillows — called out for a washable slipcover.

Unlike a traditional sofa slipcover that uses just one fabric, this project required a mix of textures and patterns. I went with hemp canvas, organic cotton twill, vintage ticking and three reclaimed cotton prints — an eco-friendly combo that looks great with the aged patina of the wood frame.

Emerald Green Makes Slipcovers Pop


Pantone describes emerald green as “lush, radiant and lively”.  This lovely jewel tone is popping up in all types of home goods (in 2013), like botanical inspired decorator fabrics by Amy Butler.

I love the emerald green color story in her Lark collection. Beautiful prints for pillow and cushion slipcovers!