Slipcover Makeover for Puppy-Chewed Chaise

Chaise Slipcover by Karen Powell

My customer’s chaise lounge, underneath the worn-out slipcover and puppy-chewed arms, was in great shape. All it needed was a little TLC.

Chantelle Chaise Slipcover

Here’s the new slipcover. I used a Camel color cotton twill from Pottery Barn and created a shabby-chic fit. The durable fabric was a good choice since the slipcover will get a lot of use from pets and kids — and frequent washing!

Chaise Slipcover by Karen Powell

I lined the skirt for better drape and improved the zipper closure.


    1. Hi Patricia,
      Yes, I can copy your old slipcover to make a new one but I will need to take it apart to make the pattern. It will no longer be usable.
      Email me via my contact page for more info. Thanks for your interest!

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