Slipcover Copy

What is a slipcover copy?

It’s a new slipcover I make by replicating your old one.  I take apart your old slipcover and use it as a template.

Your old slipcover will no longer be usable after I take it apart.

How will it fit?

  • Your new slipcover will fit as well as your old one if similar fabric is used.
  • I can make minor fit adjustments.
  • Fit may vary if you choose a fabric that differs from the fabric content, weight and coverage used for your old slipcover.

What is the workmanship like?

I create slipcover copies with the same excellent quality I put into making custom-made slipcovers for my local customers.

  • Seams are stitched smoothly, reinforced where needed and seam allowances are serged to prevent raveling.
  • Zippers, cushion boxing and welt cord are professionally set.
  • Skirts are lined if necessary.

Is a slipcover copy the right choice for you?

  • A slipcover copy is for those of you who live outside of my area.  When I’m not able to access your furniture to do a custom pin-fitting, a slipcover copy is the next best thing.
  • You have to be ready to let go of your old slipcover and be OK with the new slipcover fitting like your old one or slightly different.
  • A slipcover copy is a custom made product and cannot be returned for a refund.

Ready to have your old slipcover copied? Contact me with details about your project.