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The Hunt for the Best Slipcover Fabric

Custom Natural Denim Slipcover by Marge Jones
Natural denim slipcover by Marge Jones of Marge’s Custom Slipcovers.

Choosing the best fabric for your slipcover project isn’t always a quick decision.  Sue had a pretty good idea of what type of fabric she wanted: a good quality, washable denim in color Natural.  She did quite a bit of research but with every swatch she considered the more she wondered about the differences between the various weights, durability, shrinkage, wrinkling, longevity, coverage, etc.  Were any of the fabrics she was looking at going to meet all of her needs for her sofa slipcover?

Sue discovered my FABRICS page and found the resources and advise helpful but she still had more questions. Through a series of email consultations, and a packet of swatches, I assisted her in narrowing down her fabric choices, providing her with the detailed information and comparisons she was looking for to make a final decision.

Which fabric did Sue choose? A durable and supple 14 oz. washed natural denim. She writes,  “I’ve been really enjoying my denim slipcover so far and am very pleased with my choice of fabric. Thanks again for your role in making my slipcover adventure turn into a happy ending.

Sue’s sofa slipcover, shown above, was made by Marge Jones of Marge’s Custom Slipcovers in Florida. Beautiful!


  1. Hi Karen, Susan Nichle sent me the connection to your site and I viewed my creation I made for her sofa. thanks for showing it.

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