The Most Versatile Denim Color for Slipcovers

The Slipcover Maker Most Versatile Denim Color

This post is all about color inspiration for your denim slipcover. I share curated combinations that will spark decorating ideas and help you make the best color choice for your project.

I finally had a chance to color play with Big Duck’s denim palette. I’m happy to report any one of the new eight colors will make a gorgeous slipcover. They are on-trend classic hues that are versatile and have a high-end look.

As I was curating different combinations, I discovered one color stood out as the most versatile — a color that is often overlooked. 

Surprise! My pick for the most versatile denim color is Buckskin. This warm neutral compliments any color. It adds light to dark color schemes just as easily as it softens bright combinations. 

Buckskin isn’t your typical boring Beige. Instead, it’s a lovely shade of Khaki — softer, more pale than Camel and richer than Tan.  

This color is super versatile because it has just the right amount grey cast without it appearing dull or dirty.  It marries saturated colors with other neutrals and multi-color patterns without stealing the show. 

It also hides light color pet hair and dirt much better than White or Off-White denim.

Use Buckskin as a foundation color in your living space i.e. large sofa or sectional slipcover. Or, as a secondary color for a pair of chairs. It even works well in smaller amounts as an accent color.

OK, now let’s get to the pretty pictures. Below are three color palettes I put together to inspire your next slipcover and/or decorating project using Buckskin denim. Enjoy!

Neutral Denim Colors for Slipcovers
Big Duck denim colors Buckskin and Olive Drab. Magazine tearsheet from The Magnolia Journal.

If you love a monochromatic neutral look, Buckskin will feel right at home.  I combined it here with different shades of Khaki in a variety of weaves and other natural fibers. This is key to keeping any solid cotton denim slipcover from looking flat and lifeless in a space. 

Olive Drab, another gray cast neutral denim from Big Duck, is the contrast color shown here. It’s a beauty next to Buckskin and is a good way to add depth.

Fabric resources for this palette:

12 oz. Buckskin Cotton Bull Denim

12 oz. Olive Drab Cotton Bull Denim 

11 oz Hemp Plain Weave color Taupe

14.5 oz Linen Stripe (top of image) Denmark Natural Brown Off-White 

Cotton Buffalo Check color Linen by Roth & Thompkins 

Denim Color Combo Buckskin and Indigo for Slipcovers
Big Duck denim colors Buckskin and Indigo. Magazine tearsheet from Martha Stewart Living.

I love a good Indigo color story. Inky blues mixed with natural, white and Buckskin is a combo that always looks current. 

Use Buckskin and Indigo denim with a range of stripes, prints and checks. Include some textured weaves, too. A heavy weight chambray or grainy hemp looks great with the subtle twill weave of denim. 

For the pale neutral here I used #12 weight natural duck instead of natural denim. Don’t be shy about mixing denim with canvas. They will play nice together, I promise. 

Fabric resources for this palette:  

12 oz. Buckskin Cotton Bull Denim

12 oz. Indigo Cotton Bull Denim

#12 weight Natural Duck

Woven Ticking Stripe color Navy

Buckskin and Peony Denim Color Combo for Slipcovers
Big Duck denim colors Buckskin, Peony and Off-White. Magazine tearsheet from The Cottage Journal Autumn 2020.

It’s hard to resist this happy Peony denim. Its a color straight out of my flower garden. What a statement it would make in a sofa slipcover or a comfy oversized chair with a matching ottoman! 

It’s also very pretty as a secondary color. Combine it with Buckskin, Off-White and paler shades of Khaki such as undyed hemp or linen. Peony will pop without taking over your space.  

Just like I did in my other palettes, I layered in different textures and patterns to make this palette warm and inviting. Bring in additional accent colors like Sapphire Blue and Curry (not shown) to create even more cheer. 

Fabric resources for this palette: 

12 oz. Buckskin Cotton Bull Denim

12 oz Peony Cotton Bull Denim

12 oz Off-White Cotton Bull Denim

Woven Ticking Stripe color Navy

15 oz. Hemp Canvas color Taupe

Hey, just an FYI — the denim colors featured in this post have become so popular that they are selling out fast. I’m sure Big Duck will restock but if you want to get a jumpstart on your project order your yardage soon. And, don’t forget to preshrink it! 

Thanks so much for following my blog! Until next time, stay inspired!  — Karen

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