A Cotton Ticking That Works for Washable Slipcovers

Navy Natural Ticking Slipcover

For Malorie & Mike’s slipcover makeover I updated their pair of Wesley Hall faded velveteen chairs and ottoman using medium weight Covington New Woven Ticking.

Yes, you read that right — a medium weight ticking as in 7  to 8 ounces. Gasp!

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you know I rarely recommend ticking, or any other fabric, that is lighter in weight than 10 ounces. Why? Most medium weight fabrics lack the coverage and durability that an everyday slipcover requires.

At first I was reluctant to use Covington’s 7.8 oz cotton ticking to cover plush upholstery. It’s not the heavy weight I prefer. I’m still on the search for that. But it worked surprisingly well for my customer’s project because it has four things going for it:

Wash Cotton Ticking Slipcover
  1. The stripe pattern is woven in the cloth (not printed on the surface).
  2. The fabric is a strong twill weave (not a loose canvas weave).
  3. The weave is dense and tightly constructed.
  4.  It’s a 100% cotton. And, yes, it’s washable even though it’s labeled dry clean only.

All of those attributes add up to durability. That means sturdy enough for a slipcover that gets normal daily use and moderate washings. (That’s code for no bleach, no monthly washes, no pet scratching and no rowdy kids.) 🙂

And, for you DIY slipcover makers — this medium weight ticking is very easy to work with on a home sewing machine. Use a #12 needle and regular sewing thread.

Navy Natural Ticking Custom Slipcover


  1. Absolutely perfect!!! Love it, love the clean lines at the hem with that piping, the fit-you are the best seamstress-upholstery extrodinaire!!!

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