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Worn Out Slipcovers Make the Best Replacements

Natural canvas replacement slipcover for a chair.I’ve been busy in the workroom this season making slipcover copies for customers across the nation. I thought it would be fun to share some of the before and after photos I’ve received.

But first, what exactly is a slipcover copy? It’s a new slipcover I create by replicating your original. I take apart the old cover and use it as a pattern.

Faded, stained fabric and a few holes and tears are no problem. If the slipcover fit is still in reasonable shape I can duplicate it and make minor adjustments if needed. I customize the look and feel with fabric of your choice.

My slipcover copy service comes in handy when you discover the furniture manufacturer who made your original cover years ago no longer offers replacements.

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The Best Faded, Streaked and Worn Slipcover Fabric

Old Worn Denim Slipcover

Anthea sent me her old denim loveseat cover to duplicate in canvas. Instead of going with a basic cotton canvas she chose a heavyweight, durable cotton-poly blend with a vintage stonewashed finish.

The results: a wonderfully rustic slipcover for her family cabin in Vermont. It’s going to look right at home next to the big stone fireplace, log walls and wide plank wood floors.

If you’ve never slipcovered with stonewashed canvas you might be wondering what’s so special about this faded and streaked fabric.
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Why I Cut Up This Brand New Pottery Barn Slipcover

Slipcover Replicate of Pottery Barn Comfort Rolled ArmchairI copy a lot of old slipcovers. They come to me thread bare, stained, shrunk and stretched. That’s the norm for a worn & loved slipcover.

Most well-used covers are in such bad shape they are ready to be thrown out. For that reason, I’m never hesitant about cutting them apart to use as a template.

But this project was different. My customer, Nicholas, sent me his brand new a Pottery Barn Comfort Rolled Armchair slipcover to duplicate. Yes, brand new! It was was perfect in every way. Well, almost perfect. Continue reading