Custom Denim Slipcover for Quatrine Sofa

Quatrine Sofa Before Slipcover Makeover

Ellen’s original slipcover and cushions on her Quatrine sofa and loveseat had seen better days. Uh, I think the cat begs to differ 🙂

Luckily the frame and spring system were still in excellent shape.  All it took was a slipcover makeover and new cushion inserts to give these quality pieces a fresh new look and function.  A worthwhile investment to keep them usable for several more years.

Customer Slipcover for Quatrine Sofa

I used a 12 oz. yarn dyed denim to make these durable, washable slipcovers. You can’t tell from the photos but the color is Loden Green, a beautiful soft greyish-green.

I like using self welt cord and a lined tailored skirt for pieces like these; classic details that add a professional finish.

Custom Denim Slipcover for Quatrine Loveseat


  1. Thank you for posting pictures and details of your work. I appreciate the information and have learned a good deal from your posts. Do you get your cushion inserts online ?

    1. Cheryl, My customers usually find their own source for cushions inserts. But one of my favorite online suppliers is foamorder.com . They offer many options and do good work.

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