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Slipcover Makeover in Cotton-Poly Canvas & Vintage Floral

Canvas Slipcover for Lee Industries Sofa

Stay focused and keep moving. That’s what I kept saying to myself as I was pin fitting Mary’s lovely sofa in my old, dirty, and dimly lit garage while bugs buzzed around my head and the resident chipmunk darted in and out.

I NEVER pin fit in my garage. But when COVID-19 arrived and delayed my customer’s project weeks on end it was my only option. I had to get Mary’s job done without going into her home. 

Ah, yes, my glamorous life as a slipcover maker. Haha!

Anyway, the project was a success. No dirty hand prints or droppings of any kind on the new slipcover — whew! Here are the pretty results. Continue reading

How To Design Your Slipcover Like a Pro

Taupe Cotton Denim Couch Slipcover

When you look at a before and after slipcover photo what do you notice?

My guess is it’s the fabric and color that catches your eye first. Then the fit, right?

What you might not see right away are the many subtle design details that went into making the slipcover look and perform it’s best. They are creative updates and functional fixes that make all the difference between a so-so slipcover and one that is awe inspiring.

How do you know which design details to add, omit or improve when you make a slipcover?

I’ll use Leah & Scott’s sofa project as an example to show you how I do it.

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3 Slipcover Design Tips for Updating Your Old Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper Sofa Slipcover Ticking

There comes the day in the life of a sleeper sofa when no one — I mean NO one — wants to sleep on it anymore. The mattress is kaput.

Around that time you begin to notice how outdated the upholstery looks.  You wince every time you walk by it. As one customer puts it, “Blech.”

So, you ask yourself should I keep it or get rid of it?

The good news is your well loved pullout couch doesn’t have to go by the wayside just because the mattress is shot and the upholstery is ugly. If you have a classic design that is structurally sound and the cushions still offer good support it can easily be updated with a slipcover and become a great looking, comfortable sofa for everyday use.

Here are 3 design tips for giving your old sleeper sofa a new look and function:

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