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Slipcover Pin Fit Tutorial Part 2: Sewing Prep

Pinning and cutting a slipcover right side out is a simple method for creating a really good fit. In this tutorial, you will learn how to prep your pinned cover for easy sewing.

Hi there! I’m so happy Part 1 of my pin fit tutorial series has inspired you to make your own slipcover.

If you missed it, you can follow along here. I walk you through the six steps for pinning and cutting a slipcover right side out.

In today’s tutorial (Part 2), I will show you how to trim, mark, notch, label and unpin your slipcover. These are the steps needed to prep your pinned cover for sewing.

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How To Pin Fit a Slipcover Right Side Out

Learn how to make a slipcover that truly fits your furniture and looks beautiful! Pin fitting a slipcover right side out is easy and intuitive, perfect for beginners.

In this tutorial, I share simple, step-by-step instructions that will have you making a better fitting custom cover in no time.

Over the years, I’ve practiced many different methods for making custom-fit slipcovers.

I’ve tried pinning fabric reverse side out with and without welt cord. I’ve traced off furniture with a pencil and slipcover fabric. I’ve made muslin and paper patterns. And, I’ve used the half pattern technique.

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