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Sleeper Sofa Slipcover in Ticking Stripe

During my ticking fabric search I found Catalina, a black/grey stripe woven on cotton canvas.  I used it for this sleeper sofa slipcover makeover.  I love the transformation!  Now this piece has the perfect look & feel for my customer’s Lake Michigan get-away home.

Ticking Stripe Slipcover Before and After

The original plaid sofa had 3 attached back cushions.  They functioned well but showed some sagging and the look was outdated.  So the first thing I did was detach the cushions.  Removing the cushions and covering them individually is a much easier way to make a slipcover.  It results in a clean, updated fit.

Attached sofa back cushion detail.

Once  I removed the cushions I patched the inner back with a stable, strong cotton twill fabric.  I cut the patch to fit the area and folded the edges.  I stapled the patch every 2 ” along the edges. This method secured the fabric to the wood frame, which I could feel under the upholstery.

Sleeper sofa inner back patch.

I like how the loose cushions sit more upright now, no more sagging.

Ticking slipcover back by Karen Powell.

To secure the slipcover to the sleeper sofa I used Velcro along the entire length of the inside lower back, inside lower arm and inside front edge.  This is a good alternative to making a zippered deck piece (under the cushions).

Slipcover attached with Velcro at inside.