Sleeper Sofa Slipcover in Ticking Stripe

During my ticking fabric search I found Catalina, a black/grey stripe woven on cotton canvas.  I used it for this sleeper sofa slipcover makeover.  I love the transformation!  Now this piece has the perfect look & feel for my customer’s Lake Michigan get-away home.

Ticking Stripe Slipcover Before and After

The original plaid sofa had 3 attached back cushions.  They functioned well but showed some sagging and the look was outdated.  So the first thing I did was detach the cushions.  Removing the cushions and covering them individually is a much easier way to make a slipcover.  It results in a clean, updated fit.

Attached sofa back cushion detail.

Once  I removed the cushions I patched the inner back with a stable, strong cotton twill fabric.  I cut the patch to fit the area and folded the edges.  I stapled the patch every 2 ” along the edges. This method secured the fabric to the wood frame, which I could feel under the upholstery.

Sleeper sofa inner back patch.

I like how the loose cushions sit more upright now, no more sagging.

Ticking slipcover back by Karen Powell.

To secure the slipcover to the sleeper sofa I used Velcro along the entire length of the inside lower back, inside lower arm and inside front edge.  This is a good alternative to making a zippered deck piece (under the cushions).

Slipcover attached with Velcro at inside.


  1. Karen: Honestly, what a fabulous transformation. Loved your ideas about detaching the pillows. Piping in the ticking makes it really look great. Your sewing is so perfect, just be hard with all those stripes. Good choice of fabric for a couch I thought at first should be a give away couch.

    1. Thanks, Paula! I love turning ugly duckling furniture into beauties. Ticking stripes are somewhat forgiving when it comes to matching. They sit so close together that if they don’t perfectly line up it’s not that noticeable. Yes, I washed the fabric before I made the slip. I always do if my customer wants a washable slipcover. It took on a crumpled texture like any washed cotton does but didn’t wrinkle and crease like a solid cotton canvas.

  2. Meant to say, “must” be hard to sew with all those stripes. Question: Did you wash the fabric before you used it? Love how it looks crisp yet soft.

  3. Wow! Such attention to detail! The new slipcover is wonderful, and I love how the piping in done on the bias (I think?). Another outstanding job!

  4. I have a plaid sleeper sofa that I would like to makeover with a slip cover. I hadn’t thought of detaching the back cushions. Did you reattach the slipcovered back cushions with velcro or anything?

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