10 Simple Ottoman Slipcover Ideas for DIY Decorators

Striped canvas ottoman slipcover.

I have a fun post for you today. It’s all about design inspiration for ottoman slipcovers.

I share 10 simple styles made by DIY decorators, homemakers and product makers. Each one captures a unique look and feel.

I’m certain these designs will spark a lot of ideas for your own ottoman project. You’ll even find a few tutorials in the mix.  Enjoy! 

Cedar House Farmhouse Velvet Ottoman Cover
Photo: Cedar Hill Farmhouse

1. Round Velvet

Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Simple yet so pretty! This luscious cover is made with only two pieces of velvet — a round top and a rectangle body. Super easy. I love how Anita mixed a casual fit with a formal fabric and  trim. She shares how to make this round ottoman design on her blog.

Ticking stripe ottoman slipcover with little ruffle.
Photo: High Cotton Textile

2. Oversized Ticking

High Cotton Textile

No need to be precise in fitting a big rectangle ottoman when you’re going for farmhouse-style.  I like the slightly oversized fit of this design. Lauren kept it simple and relaxed with washed cotton ticking and minimal detail.

Simple ticking stripe ottoman cover with faux boxing.
Photo: The Slipcover Maker

3. Loosely Tailored

The Slipcover Maker

Skip the boxing! I created this simplified version of a tailored slipcover by stitching the corner pleats down 4 inches from the top seam. No boxing panel needed. To create a good fitting top follow my tutorial here

Ruffled dropcloth ottoman slipcover.
Photo: Your Vintage Treasure

4. Rustic Ruffles

Your Vintage Treasure

Rip, ravel and gather. What a clever way to use drop cloths! If you love ruffled home decor with a shabby chic twist you have to check out Olena’s other designs at her Etsy shop. She is the queen of rustic ruffles!

White ruffled cube ottoman cover.
Photo: Sew a Fine Seam

5. Ruffled Cube

Sew A Fine Seam

A cube ottoman invites endless slipcover design possibilities. Think of the square top and four side panels as your blank canvas, and then, go crazy!  Choose a novelty fabric with lots of texture, or a really cool print, or fake fur, or RUFFLES! Rows and rows of ruffles. Good job, Jill!

White ottoman covers with large pom-poms.
Photo: In My Own Style

6. Pom-Pom Topper

In My Own Style

Ottoman toppers with giant pom-poms. Fabulous!!  I love how Diane covered just the cushion part of her ottomans and left the rattan based exposed. I think it’s the most simple design you can make. She shares her step-by-step instructions on her bog.

Photo: City Farmhouse

7. Simple Pleats

City Farmhouse

This tailored slipcover consists of a one-piece top and a skirt panel of knife pleats. That’s it. Simple and sophisticated. Jen’s choice of an understated fabric pattern marries nicely with her design.

Ottoman cover made with a vintage quilt.
Photo: Miss Mustard Seed

8. Vintage Quilt

Miss Mustard Seed

This sweet slipcover is artfully pieced with an old quilt remnant and linen scrap. Combining fabric scrap of different textures and patterns is a great idea for small ottomans because they don’t require a lot of yardage. Sort through your stash of beloved leftovers and see what you can dream up. Marian shares her tutorial here.

Heavy weight canvas slipcover for boxy ottoman.
Photo: The Slipcover Maker

9. Box Style

The Slipcover Maker

Box-style slipcovers are my favorite for big, bulky pillow-top ottomans. Pin the fabric panels so they fit the shape but drape smoothly over the bulges. So easy to make.

Photo: The Seasoned Homemaker

10. Pouf-Like

The Seasoned Homemaker

This little footstool / ottoman is so charming. Take a close look and you will see the cover is gathered only at the bottom making it pouf-like. On her blog, Leslie shares what this piece looked like before and how she made this very cute slipcover.

So, now that you’ve taken a look at all of the ottoman designs, which one do you like best? I will tell you my favorite if you tell me yours. 🙂

Until next time, have a creative week and thanks for reading! — Karen


  1. Simple is better … your tailored ottoman was my favorite. I’m not a fan of ruffles or Pom poms.

    1. Kathy — I always get excited when I see ruffles, poms-poms and other fun, novelty designs. But at the end of the day, tailored and loosely tailored are my favorite styles for any type of slipcover. Simple is better is my motto, too.

  2. I just did one like the very first picture. Very tailored is my favorite !

    1. Karen — I tend to lean towards tailored, too, and so do most of my customers. Although, for my own slipcovers I like a more relaxed tailored fit like one I called “loosely tailored”. Thanks for reading!

  3. I would say my favorite style is the loosely tailored, clean line without being too fussy! The last little footstool is adorable!! It reminds me of a shower cap! I just purchased an organ bench that would be a perfect candidate for a slipcover! Thanks for the round up Karen! Great post😀

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post, Cindy! Yep, loosely tailored is my favorite ottoman style, too.
      I can’t wait to see how you slipcover your organ bench. Cool idea!

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