20 Tips for Slipcover Success

Ticking Slipcover by Karen Powell

Are you thinking about making your own slipcover? Or, hiring a professional to make one for you? Either way, take a look at my 20 Tips for Slipcover Success before you start your project. I point out things that are good-to-know when selecting and buying fabric, choosing a slipcover fit, deciding on design details and much more.

I put together these slipcover tips to help you achieve the best results possible. Happy slipcovering!

One thought on “20 Tips for Slipcover Success

  1. Deb Ervin

    Karen, I need a canvas slip cover for a couch. Can we talk? Debervin50@gmail.com
    I think we can figure this out long distance. I love your work! You seem to think like I do!!!!
    I bought an ugly couch….just recently. Cannot be returned!!!! HELP!

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