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I'm Karen, The Slipcover Maker. I make custom slipcovers inspired by casual, comfy living spaces and natural fabrics.

My Tiny Slipcover Workroom + Tips for Flourishing in a Small Space

Slipcover Fabric Inspiration Board

Cheers everyone, happy new year! It sure feels good to turn the page to 2021, doesn’t it? I’m ready to reorganize, reinvent and renew!

If you’re feeling the same way, today’s post just might inspire a new beginning for you. Especially if you’ve been mulling over the idea of starting a slipcover business, or other sewing service from your home but don’t think you have enough room.

Come take a tour of my little workroom and see for yourself how it’s possible to flourish in such a small space. 

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Best Fabric Weights for Washable Slipcovers

There are many things to consider when choosing fabric but weight is numero uno. Why? Because it dictates the look, feel, and function of your washable slipcover. 

How do you figure out which weight is best for your project? 

In today’s post, I share a simple guide to help you match fabric weight with the end use of your slipcover. This is key! Continue reading

5 Pleated Slipcover Skirt Designs + Lining Tips

Slipcover Short Box Pleat Skirt

Washed denim slipcover with unlined box pleat skirt.

A pleated skirt adds so much character to a slipcover no matter if its a classic tailored style with a single pleat on each corner, or a bunch of cute, chunky box pleats all the way around.

Choosing a pleat style is only half the fun of designing your slipcover skirt. You also have to decide if your skirt will look its best with, or without a lining.

In today’s post, I share the five most common pleated skirt styles, and why I choose to line them, or not. Plus, I let you in on what type of lining I use. Continue reading