Budget-Friendly Denim Perfect for Slipcovers

Natural Denim Sofa Slipcover

I’m super happy my customer, Marilyn, loves her new natural denim slipcover!  It suits her space so well it’s hard to believe this project almost didn’t happen.

Slipcover Weight Natural Denim

Before Marilyn found me she was on the verge of replacing her perfectly good sofa.  She really didn’t want to get rid of it but the high price of decorator fabrics nixed her vision for an affordable custom slipcover. Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to spend a fortune on good quality fabric for your slipcover.

I recommended this cotton bull denim from Big Duck Canvas. This 12 oz. weight in a creamy natural color was exactly what Marilyn was looking for.

Think outside of the high-end decorator box and explore multi-purpose fabrics in natural fiber like denim, canvas, corduroy, linen, bedford cord and chino twill in medium to heavy weight.

Basic fabrics like these, priced under $15, offer a lot of bang for your buck and make the best looking and most versatile slipcovers.

Custom Slipcover Natural Denim


  1. Lucky Marilyn and lucky me. I used the same fabric for the two wind back chairs you made slipcovers for. Thanks Karen, I love a beautiful, economic deal! Barb

  2. How do you get the wrinkles out of the denim. I bought 14 yards,from big duck canvas via your link, ran it through the wash and dryed it. Now it looks terrible and the wrinkles won’t iron out! Please help.

    1. Hi Katerina,

      I use the 12 oz. denim from Big Duck Canvas for most of my customer projects and never have wrinkle problems. It’s one of my favorites because it doesn’t wrinkle and crease like canvas.

      The key is to wash only one 5 yard cut at a time in the oversized machines at the laundromat and dry only one 5 yard cut at a time in the oversized dryers. It’s super important not to crowd the dryer, the fabric must be able to tumble loosely — that’s what keeps the wrinkles and creases from setting. It’s also important to stop the dryer after 15 minutes, remove the yardage and untangle it before continuing to dry all the way.

      Permanently wrinkled yardage is impossible to make smooth. I have tried many different methods over the years without success. The only thing that might minimize some of the wrinkles is to wash and dry the yardage again per my instructions above.

      1. Thanks, I think I will try re-washing it and line drying, per the Big Duck website. I had already cut the yardage to fit my washer but I think the water didn’t permeate the fabric completely. Big Duck recommends running it through two wash cycles to saturate the cloth. I plan on line drying it this time and using a high pressure steam iron as well (have wanted one of those for a while.) I will let you know if it works.

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